No. of Books - 9708

  1. No. Refrence Books - 1500
  2. Journal
    1. Nai Shiksha
    3. Shivira Education Department
    4. BOSER

  3. News Paper/ Magazine
    1. Dainik Bhaskar
    2. Rajasthan Patrika
    3. India Today
    4. Pratiyogita Darpan
    5. Cronical
    6. The Education
    7. Patheya Kan
    8. Many More
  4. Seating Capacity - 50
  5. Every student can be issued with two books at a time from the college. Only on the returning the books new Books will be issued.
  6. It is the liability of the recipient to keep the books safe and return them in time.
  7. The books can be retained for a maximum periods of 07 Days.
  8. In case of default, one has to pay Rs 10/- Per day per book beyond the period of 07 days. If the period is over 30 days they have to pay either the fixed fine or the cost of the book.
  9. Drawer has to check the condition of the book before the drawing from the library. While returning the books any portion of the book is found damaged or turned condition, Rs 100/- has to be deposited along with the cost of the book.